Participation notification at the Earth Night 2024

Your city, municipality, company or organization would like to participate in the next Earth Night (2024-09-06) and switch off outside lights from at the latest 10pm until dawn? Then please use this form to let us know that you are participating. The data set will then be published free of charge on this website under the menu item „We’re participating“.

We ask for your understanding that the list of participating companies/cities/communities does not necessarily include all those reported to us, but is designed to be representative.

Enter the name of the city/town, company, or organization whose attendance at this year’s Earth Night you are reporting.

Enter the country in which the city/municipality, company or organization is based.

This will be published exactly as you provide here, supplemented by your name and position (see Name and Position fields below)

For example, managing director, board member, head of tourism, mayor, member of the municipal council, climate protection manager …

The above person declares on behalf of the above city, community or company (company) to the organization „Paten der Nacht“ (initiators of Earth Night):

1. Subject of publication

The information you provided above about the company/community/city including the switch-offs/reductions in light you specified on this form for Earth Night will be published in the „We’re participating“ directory on the website.

2. Place of Publication

Publication on the Internet (domain/operator/publication) on:

a) (Homepage)
b) and on the Facebook fan page ► Link to the directory It is also possible to give names on the Facebook fan page.

3. Purpose of Release

Decorative design and improvement of the internal and external presentation of the organization Godfathers of the Night and the Earth Night campaign as well as effective public relations work. 4. Explanation

The person concerned declares their consent to the publication of the „1. Subject of publication“ mentioned data about your company, on the under „2. Place of publication” to the places mentioned under “3. Purpose of publication”.

This consent is voluntary. If it is not granted, there will be no disadvantages. The consent can be revoked at any time with effect for the future. The person concerned is not responsible for any violations of third-party rights (especially copyrights). The operator assures that he will indemnify the person concerned from any such claims by third parties even if the person concerned is at fault for the infringement.

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